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Nutritional Information

Health conscious adults, notice nutrition information on our favorite foods, and make choices based on recommended guidelines. An example of this is the revised Food Guide Pyramid which describes each food group, recommended number of daily servings, and how to get these foods into your diet.

Your basic understanding of nutritional facts can begin in your own home. Go through your cupboards and pull out a variety of products you have recently purchased. Sit down and read though some of the labels. Chances are good that you can't identify at least 75% of what you are reading. Sugar is often labeled as high fructose corn syrup, which can be the worst type of sugar you can ingest. You may be left wondering why this is needed in a loaf of bread.

Knowing the nutritional facts about what you are feeding yourself and your family can help you to make more informed decisions when you are grocery shopping or when you are eating out. It can help you find up-to-date nutritional information on your favorite snacks and overall, will make you feel better in your everyday activities.

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