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Whats Wrong With Whites?

It is time for dinner, and you have to decide what to prepare. You have already made your decision of a garden salad and grilled chicken breast, but what should you eat with them? You proceed to open the pantry to find your selection. You see the box of macaroni and cheese. Next to it, the brown rice. Which should you choose? The brown rice and I will tell you why.
Brown rice is the lower glycemic food of the two. Sounds complex, you say. Let me start with the basics, the glycemic index. It refers to the degree in which blood sugar increases after consumption of a particular food. Thus, the higher the value, the quicker your blood sugar and insulin levels will rise.
We tend to reach for the high glycemic foods such as white pasta and potato chips when we are in need of comfort foods. Foods with a higher glycemic index are normally high in sugar and are usually processed. Not to mention, they are lacking in nutritional value, containing little vitamins, minerals, and some with no fiber content. When the need for a comfort food arises, try reaching for something a little better such as low fat/fat free, sugar free single serving of ice cream or frozen yogurt.
These high glycemic foods leave us with the feeling of fullness and satisfaction but only for a short while. Then we are hungry again, and then quickly reach for something to fill that void, and normally, reaching for another high glycemic food. You've heard the saying, one good thing leads to another right? Well, one bad thing leads to another too. Limiting foods such as these will lead to fewer cravings of unhealthy, non-nutritional foods.
There are many ways to incorporate lower glycemic options to substitute for the higher glycemic ones. One of the simpler ways is to exchange your white pasta for wheat pasta. The fiber content is increased and will leave you feeling satisfied for a longer period of time. Instead of that orange or orange juice, reach for an apple. Again, you will be increasing the fiber content. Include fresh or steamed vegetables as side items for a meal instead of potatoes or other processed foods. These are just a few ways to incorporate low glycemic items into your daily meal plan, however there are many, many more. Eating a diet consisting of foods that are low glycemic will help maintain blood sugar levels and help avoid frequent fluctuations. This in return will make weight loss or maintenance easier and more consistent.
Anything that makes weight control easier is certainly worth a try. Its simple steps like these that really add up. What do you have to lose besides the extra weight? Visit .halfhourfitness.com for more information.

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