Viovis Acropolis King of Cardboard (viovis) wrote in eri,
Viovis Acropolis King of Cardboard

ERI Update

Things are going along real Smoothly, yes they are... Okay, first off, who's here? and whoever's here, we need issues, news, posts... second of all who lurks? I recommend Getting the Feed and letting the feed feed you with constant updates on journals. If that doesn't work then ... well, get a web browser that supports it like opera or firefox or get a plugin or something, or eat your breakfast cereal of choice. doesn't matter to me!

WWHREOROIIFOJKL and don't mind bobby brown he's just drunk


also i'd like to require everyone to sign their name or their symbol. You can make it really leet like this at the end. That way it'll show up on the RSS

- XxX_|/io|/is_XxX
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