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Saturday, July 12th, 2008
12:07 pm
Nutritional Information

Health conscious adults, notice nutrition information on our favorite foods, and make choices based on recommended guidelines. An example of this is the revised Food Guide Pyramid which describes each food group, recommended number of daily servings, and how to get these foods into your diet.

Your basic understanding of nutritional facts can begin in your own home. Go through your cupboards and pull out a variety of products you have recently purchased. Sit down and read though some of the labels. Chances are good that you can't identify at least 75% of what you are reading. Sugar is often labeled as high fructose corn syrup, which can be the worst type of sugar you can ingest. You may be left wondering why this is needed in a loaf of bread.

Knowing the nutritional facts about what you are feeding yourself and your family can help you to make more informed decisions when you are grocery shopping or when you are eating out. It can help you find up-to-date nutritional information on your favorite snacks and overall, will make you feel better in your everyday activities.

About the Author: Are you looking for some advices about cheap healthy living? Then go to .cheaphealthyliving.com/

More and more - fast food
Tuesday, July 8th, 2008
11:07 pm
How To Get More From Cooking Classes

A great way to learn how to cook some new things is to take a cooking class. If you cook once a week or are a professional chef, your cooking ability does not change the fact that you can still reap many benefits from taking a class. You should be aware, however, that you may run into a class that does not help with what you want to learn, or that you may simply leave and end up not remembering a thing.

Below, you will find more suggestions to help you get the best information from a cooking class.

What Is Your Favorite Type Of Cooking?

The first step to choosing a cooking class is to ask yourself what exactly do you want to learn. If you desire to get the basics down, then your choice will take another path from a class say, on flaming desserts. At times, people discover that they are in a class that is poorly suited for their cooking style. This is often the main cause as to why they may complete the class without applying any of it in their kitchen.

If you always were curious about how to make a Baked Alaska, then why not go to a cooking class on desserts? For most recipes, there are clear steps to take, to help you with each part of the preparation. However, there are recipes that need a bit of skill to roll, flip or to be able to know how the final product should taste in texture and color. It is a good idea to take a close look at how your teacher carefully prepares and cooks the recipe.

Selecting A Cooking Class

You have several sources to pick from for cooking classes. An easy place to start is at a community center in your area for classes or workshops. Another possibility may be at your favorite restaurant. You can ask if the chef offers classes or where he learned his skills. It may also be more convenient and less costly to try learning from a relative or a creative friend. Your ultimate choice will be determined by what your goal is with your cooking.

Another great spot to begin to find a cooking class is at your favorite restaurant. The restaurant chef may teach classes or could tell you where they learned how to cook. A reference from the chef may get you in an elite cooking school, that usually has limited admitence. You might even get a special rate and class options as well.

Write Down Notes

Some cooking students will attend the cooking class and think that they can easily remember the instructions. But, after they have brought the recipes home, they usually end up not fixing them. They simply forgot many of the instructions. The key is to write down important details while you are in class. It is also good to realize that some of the most essential skills you can learn from your teacher are not part of the recipes. The rules of thumb that you get are the real jewels of the classes. However, until you write them down, they may become lost.

To enhance your cooking classes and find out more tips on cooking, simply visit the Internet and buy an ebook on everything you ever wanted to know about cooking, but never dared to ask.

About the Author: Tom Straub is an accomplished author, and owner of the Best Cooking Light web site, where you can read more on outdoor cooking and a dozen other cooking topics.

good site. I like it! burger king
Thursday, June 19th, 2008
10:07 pm
Ex-Sinful Chocolate Helps You Beat Winter Blues

While very active people could have chocolate without any fear, it was a luxury sedentary people could ill afford. Luxury is the word; chocolate has always been considered a luxury for the palate and it had a certain air of wickedness. Not any more, according to the latest research, a daily dose of chocolate could also help to prevent heart disease if the chocolate is dark. A daily dose of chocolate could help people lift their mood when cold, depressed, or extremely tired, as long as the portion is adjusted to suit their level of activity and weight.

Experience the delectable taste of these chocolate treats with the peace of mind that comes from knowing chocolate has turned into all natural goodness, especially if it is dark, as long as you don't over do it.

Coffee flavored chocolate cream

This chocolate cream puts a delicious end to any meal. Garnish with fresh mint leaves, fan shaped strawberries, canned tangerine segments, chopped toasted nuts, or whipped cream.

3 egg yolks
6 Tbs sugar
1 Tbs cornstarch
3 oz dark chocolate, about half a tablet of the cooking sort
1 Tbs cocoa powder, level
3/4 c milk
1 cup pound cake, crumbled
6 Tbs coffee

Distribute the crumbled cake between 6 glass ramekins and pour 1 Tbs coffee on top of the cake. Let it soak while you prepare the rest. In a sauce pan, mix cocoa powder with a little milk, stirring to prevent lumps. Slowly, add rest of milk, coffee and chocolate pieces. Mix well and heat up to the boiling point, but don't let it boil.

In another pan, beat egg yolks with sugar in another bowl. Add cornstarch and mix. Drip the hot chocolate and milk mixture on top of the eggs. Start cooking on low heat. Cook gently, whisking continuously. When the cream begins to thicken, take it off the heat and whisk vigorously for a couple of minutes. Return to the heat and cook a few minutes more, don't stop the whisk, again up to the boiling point. Turn off the heat, and keep stirring 2-3 minutes more. Pour the cream on top of the coffee soaked cake. Let it cool down. Garnish and serve.

Servings: 6

Cooking Tips

Heat the cream up to the boiling point, but don't let it boil. Take it off the heat source before it happens.

Use very low heat. To prevent the taste of un-cooked cornstarch, try the cream just when it starts to thicken and try it again later, when it has cooked for 2-3 minutes. You will notice the difference.

For coffee chocolate cream with a twist, try to use coffee liquor instead of coffee or a mix of both.

Easy chocolate almond cookies recipe

No baking in this chocolate almond cookies recipe, and very suitable to let the kids cook with you.

3 oz slivered almonds, great if you find them organic ones
4 oz organic corn flakes
10 oz organic chocolate to cover

Toast the slivered almond in a fry pan -no need to add any cooking oil- for a couple of minutes. Mix them with corn flakes. Melt the chocolate in a double boiler. Let it cool down and thicken and then melt again. Mix the melted chocolate with the almonds and corn flakes.

Layer baking parchment on top of a tray, set a 3 in ring on top. Fill the ring with 2 Tbs of the mix, pressing down slightly to shape it. Repeat until you have 12 cookies. Let it cool down. It will take about 2 hours at room temperature.

Servings: 6

Cooking Tips

If you don't have a weight at hand, 3 oz slivered almonds are about 3 Tbs, heaped - 4 oz cornflakes are 3-4 cups, depending on the brand - 10 oz chocolate are about 21/2 cups, grated.

Make three batches, one with dark chocolate, one using milk chocolate and a third using white chocolate. A real treat!

Visit All Foods Natural's cookbook for full details, at the desserts section you will find the recipes for easy chocolate and almond cookies and the coffee flavored chocolate cream including all nutritional details.

About the Author: Anne Ehmer is a freelance writer. She is one of the contributors to All Foods Natural and World Food and Wine, where her work appears regularly. Her writing is interesting, informative and reader-friendly.

I like it - dunkin donuts
Sunday, June 15th, 2008
6:07 pm
Whats Wrong With Whites?

It is time for dinner, and you have to decide what to prepare. You have already made your decision of a garden salad and grilled chicken breast, but what should you eat with them? You proceed to open the pantry to find your selection. You see the box of macaroni and cheese. Next to it, the brown rice. Which should you choose? The brown rice and I will tell you why.
Brown rice is the lower glycemic food of the two. Sounds complex, you say. Let me start with the basics, the glycemic index. It refers to the degree in which blood sugar increases after consumption of a particular food. Thus, the higher the value, the quicker your blood sugar and insulin levels will rise.
We tend to reach for the high glycemic foods such as white pasta and potato chips when we are in need of comfort foods. Foods with a higher glycemic index are normally high in sugar and are usually processed. Not to mention, they are lacking in nutritional value, containing little vitamins, minerals, and some with no fiber content. When the need for a comfort food arises, try reaching for something a little better such as low fat/fat free, sugar free single serving of ice cream or frozen yogurt.
These high glycemic foods leave us with the feeling of fullness and satisfaction but only for a short while. Then we are hungry again, and then quickly reach for something to fill that void, and normally, reaching for another high glycemic food. You've heard the saying, one good thing leads to another right? Well, one bad thing leads to another too. Limiting foods such as these will lead to fewer cravings of unhealthy, non-nutritional foods.
There are many ways to incorporate lower glycemic options to substitute for the higher glycemic ones. One of the simpler ways is to exchange your white pasta for wheat pasta. The fiber content is increased and will leave you feeling satisfied for a longer period of time. Instead of that orange or orange juice, reach for an apple. Again, you will be increasing the fiber content. Include fresh or steamed vegetables as side items for a meal instead of potatoes or other processed foods. These are just a few ways to incorporate low glycemic items into your daily meal plan, however there are many, many more. Eating a diet consisting of foods that are low glycemic will help maintain blood sugar levels and help avoid frequent fluctuations. This in return will make weight loss or maintenance easier and more consistent.
Anything that makes weight control easier is certainly worth a try. Its simple steps like these that really add up. What do you have to lose besides the extra weight? Visit .halfhourfitness.com for more information.

About the Author: .halfhourfitness.com

I know about - burger king
Tuesday, June 10th, 2008
2:07 am
Is That Hot Coffee Really Good For You?

It is common knowledge that the caffeine content in coffee is not good for human health. In spite of that caffeine consumption the world over has increased in the past decade. If you are a regular hot coffee drinker and still not familiar with the health issues it poses, it might be worthwhile to read this article.

Tremendous amount of research time has been spent to study the effect of caffeine on people. Most of the findings have discovered that caffeine ( and coffee is one of the highest caffeine laced beverage, a lot higher than tea) has some kind of effect on almost all body parts. Serious health hazards such as rheumatoid arthritis and heart attacks have also been linked to coffee. The common ailments are increase in blood pressure ( can be fatal in individuals who already suffer from high blood pressure) and change in the level of stress hormones. Heart palpitations, jitters and weakening of the nervous system have also been associated with long time coffee drinkers.

One of the most harmful effects of hot coffee has been connected with pregnant women. Malformation or low birth weight is a chronic problem faced by doctors in cases where the mother has been a regular coffee drinker. Coffee is said to reduce the ability of the women's body to absorb calcium and other important minerals which can have harmful results on the child. Lactating mothers are also warned against having coffee as that gets transferred to the child and the child may loose the ability to process caffeine in the long run.

The harmful effect of hot coffee is a debatable topic and people continue to take sides on this matter. It should be kept in mind that regular usage of coffee is definitely harmful for the health.

About the Author: Jocelyn Meadows is an avid coffee enthusiast. Coffee enthusiasts should read about the pod coffee makers and expresso coffee makers.

More and more - best recipes: chocolate turtle cheesecake
Sunday, March 11th, 2007
9:06 pm
this is an entry
I joined ERI, I am just posting this to say I'm lost in a goddamn timewarp and it's strangely fun. That is all...

8:04 pm
hi guyz
been in a giant green chocolate sytrp conataner... where us been i'll tell you thate you dont know what the boggle suit is doin in my pajamas i dont own but i wsaw in the clothin shop ofr 2 grand yo... represent holla, keep teh tray upright or you're spill your damn driiiink!!!!


Thursday, June 29th, 2006
2:09 pm
Okay yeah i forgot and found it again so i thought i needed to rant a bit. Yeah. Rant. Okay. Cool. Is anyone still alive? THat would be cool. Or maybe not. I dont know. Is there hope? Or reason? Or cheese? or fish or marmots or fuzz and if you actually read this i apologize for wasting your time and i think i am very hyper/bored right now oh shit got to go bye all hope to hear from you soon


Current Mood: energetic
Saturday, February 25th, 2006
4:05 am
Yeah, so here we are, in a world where stampz are expensive, mon. Oh man they're pricey. I remember when they were a penny and bla bla bla bla bla bla your timezone is priceless. I'd buy it but I don't know for how much. Oh well eat a christmas wreath.

Tuesday, February 21st, 2006
5:42 am
ERI Update
Things are going along real Smoothly, yes they are... Okay, first off, who's here? and whoever's here, we need issues, news, posts... second of all who lurks? I recommend Getting the Feed and letting the feed feed you with constant updates on journals. If that doesn't work then ... well, get a web browser that supports it like opera or firefox or get a plugin or something, or eat your breakfast cereal of choice. doesn't matter to me!

WWHREOROIIFOJKL and don't mind bobby brown he's just drunk


also i'd like to require everyone to sign their name or their symbol. You can make it really leet like this at the end. That way it'll show up on the RSS

- XxX_|/io|/is_XxX
Wednesday, December 14th, 2005
7:22 pm
Like the subject, 'Alo!
I was wondering if this community would accept me or shun me as they did in IRC. Viovis knows me from that incident. Am I all that bad?

Current Mood: anxious
Thursday, May 5th, 2005
6:02 am
uhh yes
it's come to my attention that... i am made of ham... and i like it.. it's good stuff, damnit.. OH YEAH.. THAT AND IM BOBBY BROWN.. OWW DANCE
7:43 pm


kinda drunk but that just proves that we're hardcore

i am cedric diggory because the ladies love me

oh god i'm dead

Current Mood: harcore
Tuesday, August 12th, 2003
8:50 pm
Thursday, October 10th, 2002
9:38 pm
I can post here?!?
Sunday, August 25th, 2002
1:05 pm

Trading Cards
Community Edition
User Number: 406762
Date Created:2001-12-03
Number of Posts: 97

Eagle Rock Interactive's Livejournal community, home of all your favorite Eagle Rock Interactive...ers. Hi!
Strengths: Being much better at ZZT than Scorch3000/Rick Retro/M_Gadass/Whatever! Also, complete disorganization, we're good at that, too!
Weaknesses: Being organized, keeping presidents!
Special Skills: 1337 3RI G4M3 5KI115
Members: Viovis, Knightt, zenryoku...uhm, Flimsy...Benco? Maybe lemmer, Micr0wave (J000SSSHHH)...vork? a lot of other people, too!

Make your own LiveJournal Trading Card!
Brought to you by crossfire
Tuesday, April 23rd, 2002
6:39 pm

anyhow, i'm working on shit. again. yes... small tidbits of music are needed, and i've never had a touch for it. really, right now, i need a ENTRYWAY TYPE THINGY. like, when you start a game/level/whatever, a little tunish jingle thing.

yes, i'm sure that helped a lot. =P

Current Mood: anxious
Wednesday, March 6th, 2002
12:26 am
So, wanna join ERI? This is the joining request thread.. You just put your name, and your links to stuff that makes YOU an individual and impresses me.. If I'm impressed SO THROUGHLY I'll just let you in. If not I'll do one of those voteys to make sure you get in. If it's the name that freaks me out, that I just let you in because your name is cool, or your ongoing project, or the way you go out and do crazy things, then good luck. but I do NOT want anyone wanting to join say that ERI is the best group ever, because how can I let you in when you're the only fan? HA! Put your requests here, and I may just look at them. Impress me by making something that impresses me, or be cool in a way that's not me, because I'm stuck with myself and need to find other cool people who aren't me.

12:03 am
My annoying profile by Viovis
Yo man, dis is Viovis, dis is my profile. I have problems daydreaming about cheese all the time but my dreams differ with things like being in an underwater cottage and other things. I've been making crappy ansi games for 6-7 years and that is the breaks, man. They all have that smiley in it.. I mean, what the fuck's he so happy about? He can't do anything serious without that wipe on his face.

I was born in some other state, New Amsterdam, and lived in a good morning state until I almost lost my single digits, then moved onto another state, where it was too ot. This place's mad.

I could use a relapse of time. Through it, I've had some idols, ones I'll only mention through my dreams. Moby, who I was his lawyer, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and April O'Neil, who I got to jam in their van with, Sonya and Kano, who both kicked my ass, and Gandorf the Evil Thief, who interrupted my stay at the 5 star hotel. The last one scared me, I ended up leaving second last because I was in the bathroom having a conversation with a 5 year old telling him it was gonna be okay. Actually, come to think of it, I've had enough Cowboy Bebop crew dreams.. They're all awesome, even Faye Faye.

My interests include Food, Trance, and anything that revolves around the super market. Deep down I find it the most sacred place. I am obsessed with cracks in the sidewalks and small tinks in any item, as I like to stare at molds in items and corners of walls for hours. I am contained unless I'm in one of those moods, and I don't project all my feelings, as I find them all fucked up.

Well, that's me. If anyone else wants to define me, then they can go ahead.
Tuesday, March 5th, 2002
7:57 am
D3m0" by Benco, CoolZx
Viovis's Comments: This is a demo of many different things INCLUDING the cool FOO! thing.

For any questions, comments, remarks from the author, or ponderings those interested or not in ZZT, even reviews or appraises of the pro and negativities, please post a comment. Thankyou.

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